Why you should exhibit ?

Your opportunity to directly access with key buyers & industry professional. The Indonesia International Pet Expo 2021 will enable your company to engage with relevant owners, managers, buyers, and associated professionals of pet care business from across Indonesia. Including :

• Pet Retail Stores
• Clothing, Accessories & Jewellery
• Groomers
• Veterinary Clinic & Pharmaceutical Companies
• Pet Food Manufacturers
• Pet Friendly Hotels & Resorts
• Artists & Photographers
• Breeders & Associations
• Animal Trainers
• Fish & Aquarium Companies
• Pet Daycares, Kennels, & Dog Walkers
• Reptile Companies & Products
• Pet Enclosures & Fencing Services
• Cleaning & Odor Control Products
• Bird Supplies Companies
• And Many More!

We Support International Exhibitors!

Maximize your participation with Indonesia International Pet Expo 2021 by taking advantage of our International Business Matching Programme which provide a unique opportunity for exhibitors to build relationships seek essential knowledge supports and meet the
right partner and providing a more active environment which encourage international business communications during the expo.

A Powerful Marketing Tool

Pets industry significant raise in the lives of Indonesia. Pet owners will have the opportunity to speak directly to pet industry professionals and research every type of pet service imaginable all under one roof! Indonesia International Pet Expo 2021 is a perfect opportunity to:

• Reach approximately 45,000 visitors
• Meet your target audience
• Introduce new products and services
• Gain valuable feedback
• Generate instant or post-show sales

Advertising & Promotion

Indonesia International Pet Expo is marketed towards a targeted and motivated audience of animal lovers. No other type of consumer show appeals to such a broad demographic of both females and males, including professionals, families, seniors, and children. An extensive marketing campaign includes:

• Magazine
• Instagram
• Posters & Flyers
• WhatsApp
• Outdoor Ads (Billboards & LED)

International Scale

Perfect For All

Brand new business networking opportunities for overseas exhibitor, providing the chance to have face to face business meetings with purchasing decisions maker from leading industry.

Huge Visitors

Big Number of Enthusiasm

With big enthusiasm from 2019 visitor bring us to targeted more than 45,000 visitors are expected to attend the Indonesia International Pet Expo 2021

Big Opportunities

You can Count on Us

You will have directly access to key and industry professional, and will enable your company to engage with relevant owners, managers, buyers, and associated professional